Aquatic Displays Work Experience...

Hours: 9.00am - 5.00pm Lunch break 12.30pm -1.30pm at the discretion of the Senior Aquarist

Duration: until 11th Jan 2000

Description: Our placements are designed to give you a feel of what it is like to be an aquarist in a modern aquarium setting. The placement will allow you to:

Obtain ‘hands on’ experience with zoological work
Obtain knowledge of diet, food preparation, modern filtration equipment and health monitoring
Learn husbandry techniques for the held species on site

Duties will be varied everyday, and will change depending on season and events being run.

The final week gives you the chance to apply the knowledge learnt over your time here to a project of your choice or one assigned by the aquarium staff.

All students are assessed throughout their time on site, and goals will be set to help you obtain the knowledge needed to help you maximise your time here.

Week One

Introduction week
Students will be introduced to the site, shown the emergency procedures, COSHH, and Health & Safety.
Introduction to the animals held on site
Daily maintenance of the exhibits – internal and external cleaning, siphoning and theming cleaning
Daily monitoring or water conditions – Temperature and Salinities
Weekly Water Qualities – NH4, NO2, NO3, pH
Introduction to food preparation

Week Two
Continuing from Week 1, but will also include
Water change – the reasons why we do this this and practical experience
Health monitoring and veterinary processes
Diet, enrichments and vitamins for aquatic species specific
Quarantine process and practical experience

Week Three
Continues from week 2, but will also include
Backwashing and filter maintenance
Specific species husbandry methods – Jellyfish, Corals, Sharks etc
Record keeping and Zoo Licensing
Exhibit design and improvement
Introduction to educational and public talks

Week Four
The final week is to allow the student to pursue an independent project of their choice on site, whilst still assisting the displays team. This can be one set by the college or university lecturers or one that is in line with the aquarium’s research and education goals of the site.
The student will be assessed by staff and progress monitored throughout placement.

Please note, should you require a shorter term placement we are usually able to accommodate, please specify in your application.

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