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Unicornfish, Bignose (Naso vlamingii)

Unicornfish, Bignose
Unicornfish, Bignose
Also known as a Vlaming's Unicornfish, this fish has a rounded prominent snout (hence the name) and a tall dorsal and anal fins. Colouration can vary, as this fish has the ability to dramatically change colour, from pale to brilliant, depending on mood or environment. When trying to impress a female, males flash brilliant blue lines and spots. They reach about 40cm in length. 
Fun Facts... A male will turn a very pale blue colour and dance to try and impress a female. They love to play in scuba diver's bubbles!

Location... Widespread in the Indo-Pacific, from East Africa to the Great Barrier Reef.

Habitat... Inner and outer reef slopes and walls, or sometimes in large caves for protection.

Plankton, algae and small fish.

Least Concern

Urchin, Mine (Eucidaris tribuloides)

Urchin, Mine
Urchin, Mine
The mine urchin is also known as the club or pencil urchin. They are reddish to brown in colour and have both long and short, thick spines. These large spines are often encrysted with algae or sponges and the spines reach up to 6cm.
Fun Facts... Their spines can be regenerated when broken off.  

Location... They can be found in parts of the mid-Atlantic including, the Caribbean. 

Habitat... The mine urchin prefers shallow waters, no deeper than 150 feet. They inhabit seagrass beds, coral crevices and underneath rocks. 

Algae, small invertebrates and detritus

Not Evaluated

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